Astrality around the Flower


Go and observe a flower, with inner heart’s involvement. From living into the general, even realm of the green leaf, which produces leaf after leaf, when we meet the flower shining out at us, it comes as a sudden surprise, an unexpected revelation. Something totally new is revealed; in the flower a different level of the world than that which works in the green leaf has touched the plant. We feel a recognition that is similar to recognising a person through their face, we can feel that the being of the plant comes towards us more openly in the flower. Examine the substance of a petal and compare it to a leaf. How soft and fine the petal is. The petal is composed of delicate substance and displays soulful shining colours. There may be a perfume to the flower; in the scent that wafts through the air the being of the plant dissolves away into the surrounding space. If you were an artist what type of feeling nature would you need to create such fine colours and scents, such delicate substance? In this feeling for the creative purity active behind the flower, you begin to get a sense for what “the astrality that hovers around the flower” means. Reverently, you may realise that this astrality is of a much higher nature than what normally lives as drives, feelings and wishes in our own human astral body.