Sun Forces in the Winter Earth


When we plant a seed in the ground we tend to forget that it was the product of the life processes of the previous year. The plant, as it grows from the seed, is an interaction of the life of last year with the forces active in this year. In the following readings we find that the life of the sun, which works outwardly on the plant this year, finds its way into the earth and is stored there during the winter to work again from below in the next year. These readings help to shine a light on the concepts in lecture two of the Agriculture Course of a living warmth which works on the root from below and a death warmth which works of the leaf and blossom from above. For the plant, of course, the blossom, which is formed in the light and warmth of this year, is a death process which terminates its ever-sprouting life. This temporal distinction between that which works above ground in the current year, and what is stored in the earth and works into from below ground in the next year is a key to understanding some of the concepts discussed in the Agriculture Course.