Saturn Works in Warmth – Reading 1


“Even the simplest observation of the scientist of the supersensible makes his acquaintance with such things [Old Saturn etc.] necessary. If, for example, a plant makes the transition from the blossom to the fruit, the human observer of the supersensible sees a transformation taking place in an astral being that during the period of flowering has over shadowed the plant form above and enclosed it like a cloud. Had the fructification not occurred, then this astral being would have made a transition into quite a different shape from the one it has assumed in consequence of fructification. Now one understands the entire process perceived by supersensible observation, if one has learnt to understand its nature through the macrocosmic process through which the Earth and all its inhabitants have passed at the time of the Sun separation. After fructification, the plant blossom shows itself in a condition similar to the Earth after the Sun had severed itself and the Moon forces were still present in it. If one has made one’s own the concepts that may be gained by studying the sun separation, one then understands adequately the meaning of the process of plant fructification. One will say that the plant is in a sun state before fructification, in a moon state after it. For it is a fact that even the smallest process in the world may be grasped only if we recognise that it constitutes a copy of macrocosmic processes.”

R. Steiner, An Outline of Occult Science, Chapter 5, CW13


“If now, in the sense of Spiritual Science, the present Saturn is studied, it shows itself so to speak, as a reincarnation of ancient Saturn. It has come into existence because before the separation of the Sun from the Earth, certain beings were present who were unable to participate in this separation, since they had absorbed into themselves so many of the characteristics belonging to the Saturn state that they could not abide in an environment where especially the Sun characteristics were unfolded. The present Jupiter has arisen, however, through the presence of beings who possessed characteristics that can only unfold on the future Jupiter of general cosmic evolution. An abode came into existence for them in which they are able to anticipate the future evolution. Similarly, Mars is a celestial body on which dwell beings who have passed through the Moon evolution in such a way that the Earth could offer them no further advancement. Mars is a reincarnation of the ancient Moon at a higher stage. The present Mercury is the dwelling place of beings who, by having developed certain characteristics in a form higher than it can occur on this earth planet, are in advance evolution of the Earth. In a similar way, the present Venus is a prophetic anticipation of the future Venus state.”

R. Steiner, An Outline of Occult Science, Chapter 6, CW13