Themes in Lecture 1


Participants of the Agriculture Course, given in Koberwitz 1924,  were already deeply familiar with the worldview of Anthroposophy, and in particular Rudolf Steiner had recommended his book An Outline of Occult Science as preparatory reading to understanding what would be given in the course (See Selg, P. 2010 The Agriculture Course Koberwitz Whitsun 1924: Rudolf Steiner and the Beginnings of Biodynamics, Temple Lodge, London). To gain this foundation knowledge it is of course recommended to read An Outline of Occult Science [CW13]. It is also recommended to work through the readings covered in the themes Saturn works in warmth, Sun and Moon, Light and Weight, Life and Form to gain a foundation in Rudolf Steiner’s cosmology and an understanding of the working of spiritual forces in the world around us.