Working with Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course

In 1924, towards the end of his life,  Rudolf Steiner gave 8 lectures, the Agriculture Course, which formed the foundations for Biodynamic agriculture. To penetrate these eight lectures they need to be approached from the context of the whole of Rudolf Steiner’s life work , which includes approximately 4,000 lectures and several books.

This site collects together supplementary readings to the Agriculture Course, drawn from the work of Rudolf Steiner, which expand, and illuminate, in his own words, the concepts and pictures introduced in the course. The themes are basically treated in the order in which they arise in the cycle of lectures. Some of these themes are simple asides or connections which Rudolf Steiner makes briefly in the course, but which he covered more fully elsewhere in his lecturing activity. The readings need to be lived with, read, and re-read, in order to penetrate Rudolf Steiner’s imaginative pictures, as they speak to and illuminate each other.


Themes by Lecture